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From capturing Ike cultural survival of some of the most ancient peoples on the planet to ceeahng savvy strategies to get stones out there, Caroline is working to pioneer a realm of communications strategies that leverages visual jeornalism and cutting edge digital tactics to shake the world awake through storytelling. An award-winning photographer and multimedia journalist, Caroline strives for a balance in her work that is grounded in ethical jasroalisos, uniquely creative and inspires action tlumigh high-impact storytelling founded in the truth and dignity of the people and environments represented.

Caroline made her first camera out of a shoebox when she was six and continued chasing light into a professional career in Latin America and around the globe. She has been recognized for her work on a variety of projects far local and international NGOs, the United Nations, The New York runes, Independent World Report, Miami Herald, Sveriges Natal and The Wall Street-Journal, among others. She is currently based between San Pnineiseo and the Amazon region.